I Heart NY


Maybe it’s because I live in Manhattan, or maybe it’s simply because this is just so mid-century-fabulous, but I LOVE this screenprinted poster by The Amazing artist Jim Datz. (There were only 500 printed for this second-edition printing, so hurry up and get yours!) Oh, PLUS, they’re printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper—so yay for being green! (-Allie)

Manhattan Poster by Jim Datz, second edition printing (16” x 24”), $48 at Three Potato Four.



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2 responses to “I Heart NY

  1. Sara

    oooh! I have a question! I have four 8×10 Norman Rockwell lithograph “copies” (they’re not the super valuable kind, I don’t think) that I received from my grandfather’s estate after he died. I also received four English tea cups and saucers. I would love to display these in my home in a neat way…any ideas?

  2. Love that. Nice find. 🙂 Mmm…my Birthday is coming up, maybe I should ask for that print as a present!

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