It’s Greek to Me

QUESTION: Love the site, I am looking for some Mediterranean decor ideas for my office. The problem is, if I wanted it to look like the convention and visitors center for Greece, I would go to my church’s bookstore. (-Jimmy, Fresno)

ANSWER: Although the words “Greek decor” can conjure up images of furniture upholstered in the Greek flag, overscaled white columns and a strict navy-and-white palette, there’s actually many facets to the Mediterranean-sea-inspired style. For your color palette, find inspiration in the surrounding landscape—a palette of bright white and vivid aqua with pops of cobalt and russet, for example. For an office setting, artwork and accessories are the best way to bring in some color. If you have a dimly-lit space, envelope the room in light with some corner floor lamps. Now…as far as an answer specific to Jimmy’s question–I have a slight upperhand, being that I’ve known him for the better of six years now. And because every interior should be specific to the individual, I put together a room that I believe fits him to a T (I can picture him now, leaning back in his chair, sipping a fine glass of Port and smoking a cigar from his humidor…)

THE LOOK: Keep walls bright white–if you can, paint one accent wall a deep-sea blue. I’d go with one big statement art piece, like this portrait of King Paul of Greece (trust me, it captures Jimmy’s personality well); I love its Rat-Pack vibe. (For other artwork options, see below.) This desk from Restoration Hardware subtly mimics Grecian columns without being ostentatious. And, it has the same solid, commanding presence as Jimmy himself. Add a couple airy-white guest chairs for a light contrast (get a set of two in Natural). Underfoot, this Greek Key rug by Jonathan Adler offers a more literal nod to Jimmy’s heritage and is so au courant with the trends. (If this is too literal for your liking, opt instead for this Flax jute rug). Top it off by adding some greenery to these olive jars to bring a little life into the room—not that Jimmy’s boisterous personality won’t be enough… (-Allie)


King Paul of Greece Laughing print, 30”x40” (also in other sizes), $199.99 at Greek Key rug, 4×6, $720 at Jonathan Adler. Guest Chairs in Natural, set of 2, $329 at West Elm. Palladian Desk, on sale for $1,730 at Restoration Hardware. Olive Jars, $129 (small, 18”H), $159 (medium, 24”H), $189 (large, 31”H), at Crate and Barrel.

Here are a few more Greek-inspired options for art:


[From left to right:] Merovigli art print by F. Dot, 20”x20”, $31.99. Fishing Boats print by Eitan Simanor, 40”x30”, $69.99. Reflets bleus artwork by Pierre Doutreleau, 31”x24”, $36.99; all available at


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3 responses to “It’s Greek to Me

  1. Wendy

    The Greek suggestions were fantastic. I’m spreading the word.

  2. Wendy

    I like to change my accent pillows on our navy blue leather couch with the seasons. Can you share some fun new ideas instead of just changing the colors?

  3. Carrey

    I am shopping for a new couch and oversized chair. I can not decide on leather or a mico-fiber. To top if off we are going to be moving soon, do you have any tips for how to decide? We do have 2 dogs and a cat.

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