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Alfresco Chic

If you are lucky enough to have outdoor space, make the most of it during these warmer months. In expansive yards, carve out a little corner for a cozy European-style bistro. Even on a small back patio or deck some outdoor dining is still possible with a quaint setting like this. And don’t worry—no matter what your budget is, you can bask in some summer style. (-Allie)


SPLURGE: Gazebo Set of 2 Dome Hanging Lanterns, $265 at Burke Décor. Galvanized Metal Planters, medium, $69, cachepot, $29 at Pottery Barn. Teak/Metal Grenen Chair by Skagerak, $535 at CSN Stores. Marseilles beverage decanter by Roost, $170 (small) at Velocity Art and Design.  Terrace Teak Folding Table, $295 at American Country Home Store. Gunnison Indoor/Outdoor Rug, (8.5×11’) $495 at Dash & Albert.


SAVE:  Tarno chair, $15, and Tarno table, $19.99 at Ikea. Cold Beverage Jar, $39.95 at Crate and Barrel. Coastal Stripe Outdoor Rug (7’6”x10’9”), $316 at Frontgate. Filigree Lantern, $49.99 each on sale at Pottery Barn. Salvia plant pot, medium, $14.99 and small, $9.99 at Ikea.


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For Shore!


My mom and dad are flying in to New York for a week-long visit in honor of my mom’s birthday today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!), so I thought I’d surprise them with a celebratory trip to The Hamptons. As I write this, they’re on their flight from Seattle and expect to land at JFK, head to baggage claim and hop in a cab to my cozy upper-east-side abode. Little do they know I’ll be waiting for them with a rental car, their granddaughter (my new pup Frankie) and bags packed for the beach. In expectation of this surprise birthday mission, I haven’t been able to get my mind off coastal chic…And so you have your Swatchbook of the Week, inspired by my parents’ first trip out to the lovely Long Island shores. Shades of blue blended with creamy white and a pop of corally-orange create such a lovely, refreshing palette. Serene and inviting, yet it makes you want to trek through the house with sand-clad bare feet. Which I plan to do in just a few hours… Have a wonderful weekend! (-Allie)

[Clockwise from paint swatches]: Paint, Rhythm and Blues (#758), Capri Coast (#OC-87), Cool Aqua (#2056-40), Ansonia Peach (#HC-52), all Ben by Benjamin Moore. Beach Glass Vases, $14, $24, $39 at West Elm. Aloe Stool/Accent Table by Stray Dog Designs, $260 at Cottage & Bungalow. Color Lined Fine Abaca Pillow (26”sq), $14, and Nantucket Printed Canvas Map pillow (22×14″), $78 at Williams Sonoma Home. St. Tropez Rug (4×6’), $295 on sale at Maine Cottage. SPLURGE ALERT: Grapevine Cocktail Table, $2,895 at Jayson Home + Garden. Chloe Velvet Metro Living Sofa (in Seafoam), on sale for $699 at Macy’s.  Red Coral III framed set (each is 15×21”), $239.99 for the set of three at

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Tuft Love


I love tufted furniture—it adds such a nice, soft vibe to otherwise harsh lines. So that’s one reason why these slipper chairs caught my eye; the other reason being their fabulous schizophrenic quilted pattern. At first glance, these chairs may appear a little too country chic—but their bright colors and varied patterns could add a pop of personality to modern or streamlined spaces. One would look especially lovely when paired with a linen sofa and a sisal rug. And if the look alone wasn’t enough “wow” factor for you—these beauties are on sale for more than 50% off at the moment. Better hurry and get one… (-Allie)

Casama Chair, (*Fabric patterns and colors will vary), on sale for $299 (regularly $659!) at Arhaus.

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Hide ‘n’ Sleek

Bo Concept Functional Coffee Tabe

Isn’t this nifty: A modern table that opens up for hidden storage. Nice that it’s not too bulky, but there’s still plenty of space to stash clutter when you’ve got a surprise guest on the way. (-Moe) 

Functional Coffee Table with Storage, $899, at BoConcept.

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ICFF Roundup, Part One

I’m a bit behind schedule on my ICFF coverage, but when you have a 3-foot-tall pile of catalogs and more than 150 photos of AWESOME new modern furnishings, it’s tough to narrow it down. (For those unfamiliar, ICFF–International Contemporary Furniture Fair–is a showcase for new contemporary furnishing designs.) And so to make it a bit less overwhelming, I’ve cut my coverage into three categories: The Best in Accents, The Best in Furniture and My Favorites. I’ll start with My Favorites today because, well, they’re my favorites.  There will be much more to come this week, so keep checking back. Of course, with 145,000 square feet of exhibitor space, I’m not able to cover nearly enough of the fabulous products, so here’s hoping my scraping-of-the-surface will suffice! (-Allie)


Deadgood Ltd.: This company out of the UK has a great selection of super-stylish products with an underlying hint of quirk. But my favorites, by far, are their Love collection (see chair with heart detailing and heart-shaped mirror above) and their wire table lamps, in three sizes (also in pendant version). Their products aren’t available in the U.S. yet (can be purchased with international shipping from the UK), but I would do just about anything to get my hands on that mirror, so I’m hoping some smart US stores hurry up and snag these for their fall product line…


Graypants: What do you get when you combine a unique eye for design with a desire to save the environment from cardboard waste, and then throw in three adorably cute designers from Seattle? Graypants, that’s what. These architects-by-day are dumpster-diving-lighting-designers by night. Braving the back alleyways and dark street corners of Northwest nights, Jon, Jonathan and Seth round up perfectly usable but tossed-aside cardboard boxes and reconfigure them into one-of-a-kind (and affordable!) pendant lights.  Think of them as your very own waste-fighting super heroes, saving our landfills and beautifying our homes one box at a time. I sense a Bravo series in their future…


David Steinvurzel: Talk about using natural resources! Pratt design student David Steinvurzel created these Orange Votive Candles with soy-based wax and discarded orange peels for an ICFF design competition. They’re not yet available for purchase, but I thought they were worth sharing anyway. Hopefully David soon finds someone to put these babies into production—and hopefully he’ll let me know when and where I can purchase my own!


Just Not Normal: The name says it all–the creations that come from John Niero at Just Not Normal are anything but boring. Sophisticated materials, sexy silhouette and playful color make this pink Stance chair one of my top picks from ICFF this year. The fact that designer Niero rocks as a person doesn’t hurt either.


Flavor Paper: I’m a sucker for wallpaper. I’m also a sucker for bright color and playful designs. So you can imagine my reaction when I first discovered Flavor Paper a couple years ago: The theory of “love at first sight” was proven. So it really is a bit unfair to include them in My Favorites…because, really, they can do no wrong. Ever. Regardless, with or without my personal bias, Flavor Paper’s new lineup that made its debut at ICFF is Fab-U-Lous. And considering how utterly fabulous (so much so I used the word twice) their papers are, the price is quite a steal. Have I mentioned how fabulous they are?


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Recycled Chic


The saying is true: One person’s garbage is another person’s Moroccan-inspired tealight lanterns. (Or something like that.) Either way, when a large pile of misprinted can labels found their way to the cutting room floor, VivaTerra’s designers found an  ingeniously stylish use for them in these outdoor lanterns. (-Allie)

Misprint Hanging Lanterns, $69 each at VivaTerra.

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Hello, summer!

Wisteria Sequined Bug Pillow

Yup, it’s official. Memorial Day weekend is over and my favorite season has begun! Which is why I love this pillow. It reminds me of August at the family farm Kansas – hot as heck, filthy feet, and nothing but acres of bug-filled grass to keep you entertained. (-Moe) 

Sequined Bug Pillow in Blue, $49.50 (sale price), at Wisteria.

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