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QUESTION: I’d like to change my accent pillows on our navy blue leather couch with the seasons. Can you share some fun new ideas instead of just changing the colors? (-Wendy, Belfair, WA)

ANSWER: Both Moe and I have what you could call a “thing” for throw pillows, so your question got us mildly excited to say the least…I love swapping out throw pillows for the season, and color tends to play a prominent role. However, pattern and texture are important traits to consider too. For winter, a warm fuzzy fur (faux, of course) is a perfect headrest when you’re cozying up with your favorite design mag and a hot toddy. Or, opt for a design that subtly mimics your holiday décor (the star topping your tree, perhaps?) The medallion pillows below have a soft terry cloth pattern—perfect for those snug winter nights. The same can follow suit for breezy autumn nights. A knit pillow mimics those sweaters that are pulled from storage post-Labor Day. Also, think pattern; have your pillows reflect the change of season outside, with falling leaves and thinning trees. In spring and summer, we lean toward brightening up after all those dark, dreary months of fall and winter. Bring those spring blooms indoors in your pillows, and you’ll have bright “bouquets” that will last you the whole season. Finally, in summer think multi-purpose. How much time to you actually spend indoors during those warmer months? Thanks to crafty modern technology, outdoor fabrics are more fabulous than ever, and thus so are outdoor pillows. Snag some of these multi-use beauties to rest on your sofa at night and then pull them outside, casually tossed onto an Adirondack or two and enjoy those sunny days. Just promise to have a mint julep for me. (-Allie)


SUMMER. Diving Board, about $35, see Magnolia Casual for stores. Coral Fan (14”x22”) and Sand Dollar (14”square) pillows, $78 each on sale at William Sonoma Home.

AUTUMN: Ailanthus in Wheat pillow (18×18), by Inhabit, $60 from PillowsandThrows.com. Ila Chocolate pillow (18×18”), $74 from Pine Cone Hill.

WINTER: Towel Stitch Medallion throw pillows (18×18”), $24.99 each at Cost Plus World Market. Small Ivan Pillow by Blissliving Home (12×12”), $40 (also a larger version for $95).

SPRING: Lush Coral Pillow and Lush Sky Blue Pillow (17×17), $36 each on sale from Unison Home. Blossom Pillow and Posey Pillow by BlissLiving Home (18×18”), $75 each.


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  1. Wendy

    Wonderful! I especially like the “Diving Board” one and the price is very reasonable! This is a fun way to shop. Thank you!

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