Save or Splurge?

Moe and I have great taste. (Yes, yes, it’s true.) But one downfall of great taste is that, typically, fabulous things have a fabulously high price tag. And because we lahve so many things, our wallets can’t quite keep up. But we don’t give up without a fight—so over the years we’ve each developed a penchant for seeking out the budget-friendly version of our higher-priced loves. After all, a gal’s gotta have her stylish goods, no matter what the budget. And, with that, may we present to you a random segment we’ll call: Save or Splurge—highlighting pretty products for all price ranges.

In my recent hunt for seasonal throw pillows, I stumbled upon some colorful pillow designs inspired by classic stamps. I. Love. Them. However, knowing that I’d have to have the whole set of three (obviously) and that each costs $69, I have to put all thoughts of stamp pillows on a budget-inflicted hiatus. Or do I?… Check out the affordable option I found at World Market. No decor dream is hopeless! (-Allie)

SPLURGE: Swordfish pillow, Lotus pillow, Water Lilly, (20×20),  $69 each at Pillows and Throws.

SAVE: Postage Stamp throw pillows, (18×18”) $19.99 each at Cost Plus World Market.


Challenge us! Send us a link to a highly priced item you love, and we’ll try and find the budget friendly option.




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3 responses to “Save or Splurge?

  1. moe

    Am I allowed to comment on your posts? Great find, Allie!!

  2. Alan

    Save!! It allows me to splurge in other areas. Plus, the “Save” pillows are just as cool as the “Splurge” pillows.

  3. Wow, that is awesome. Way to be an awesome bargain-hunter.

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