Sew Pretty

Thomas Paul Fabric

There’s a very special kind of pride you get from making something yourself – but too often those craft projects end up looking just a little too DIY. Here’s one that won’t: Making pillows from these Thomas Paul fabrics. The patterns and colors are so cool that no one’s going to look past them at a loose thread or uneven stitch. And they’re big bang for your buck – you could fill a sofa with them for less that $100. (-Moe)

Thomas Paul fabrics from “Modern Zone” collection, $23.99 per yard, at Calico Corners.



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2 responses to “Sew Pretty

  1. You know how I love Thomas Paul patterns. With just a little DIY-assistance, I’ll be good to go! Maybe you girls are offering your services…?

  2. I would love to make a pillow out of that pretty magenty-purple fabric. LAHVE.

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