Mellow Yellow


This month’s Met Home just arrived in the mail; it’s their annual Design 100 issue and the cover is a lovely tribute to “all things yellow,” which might have to be The Color of The Year. I love yellow. I can’t help but feel happy and energized when I see it. And so in honor of the fabulous Met Home, I’ve selected yellow (or, more precisely, Benjamin Moore’s “Sunshine Yellow”) as the Swatchbook of the Week. And because every primary color needs its accents, I selected a subdued grey and bold black—just the right colors to let the yellow shine. (-Allie)
Yellow and Silver Modern Wallpaper, 2 rolls for $68 at Burke Décor. Bamboo Tower Chandelier, $298, at Shades of Light. Warhol Quote Plate, $1.50 at Menu Rubber Vase (8” tall), $35 at Trollsta sideboard, $349 at Ikea. Festival Grey and Yellow Botanical Contemporary Rug, 5×7’, $398 at All Modern. Jonathan Adler Bargello Scallop pillow (16×16”), $87.99 at Pillows and Throws.



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4 responses to “Mellow Yellow

  1. jessica

    That rug is fantastic! I love yellow things with grey or chocolate brown. I just bought bright yellow twigs for a wooden floor vase I have 🙂 Beautifully designed picture too. Love your creativity. Are you a decorator or interior designer?

  2. swatchbook

    Thanks again Jessica! Yellow and chocolate is another fave combo. I bet the yellow twigs in a wooden vase make an awesome modern accent. I am a decorator (not formally trained interior designer); thanks for noticing! 🙂

  3. moe

    Great wallpaper! Now you’ve got me thinking… maybe in my bathroom?

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