Desperately Seeking…

My oh-so-lovely friend H (check out her witty-fab blog here) spotted this oh-so-insanely-ROCKIN lamp while out at happy hour the other night. She was dying to know what it is and where to find it… H, happy to help, but I warn you: Start savin’ the pennies, because the price tag on this bad boy is a doozy. (-Allie)

SPOTTED…at a bar in Manhattan:

Picture 23

FOUND…through the designer’s Web site:

Picture 22

Celebrity Lamp, $1,600 from Deeply Madly Living.


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One response to “Desperately Seeking…

  1. H

    WHY is it so effing expensive!!?!!? I freaking love it. I wonder if I buy a bunch of those cheapy sunglasses on the street that are cute, if I can sort of do it myself!?!! Thank you for finding, but sadly since it is more than my rent, I will not be purchasing. 😦

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