Work is Fun

Yes, there are perks involved with our jobs. And one of them is attending fabulous parties like HGTV’s  “Wine & Design.” This annual event brings the faces of HGTV to design journalists and enthusiast for an evening of cocktails and an introduction of the coming season’s shows. All I can say is HGTV will be dominating my DVR—the lineup is better than ever, so we at Swatchbook send you a whole-hearted recommendation to tune in! (-Allie)

[Thanks to the stylish Christine for being our photographer!]



Sandra Rinomato: Property Virgins

Scott McGillivray: Income Property

Vern Yip: Deserving Design (*A Swatchbook-recommended one-to-watch)

David Bromstad: Color Splash

Genevieve Gorder: Dear Genevieve

Jamie Durie: Showdown

Kim Myles: Myles of Style


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  1. awesome! i love vern yip 🙂

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