Wallpaper Idea House

Wallpaper Idea HouseLast week we headed deep into Brooklyn for a wallpaper showhouse at the home of John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon. Their townhouse was gorgeous: Every room had these beautiful layers of patterns that seemed casually thrown together, but worked perfectly with each other. The first floor was dominated by a fresh spring green; the second floor had bolder, deeper colors; and the third floor was light an airy with pretty corals and aquas. Sadly, my photos don’t do the home justice – but they did give me a few ideas! (-Moe) 

Common Thread Unify rooms or floors with one element that repeats throughout. On the ground floor, the same shade of green follows you from the living room to the kitchen, then out to the garden. They also used a sandy grasscloth to follow the stairwell all the way up to the third floor, tying the whole home together (and serving as a canvas for their art collection). 

Green on the first floor

Experiment with Scale All over the home, the owners played with patterns big and small. In the library, for example, they paired a bold blue-and-fuschia chinoiserie with a big piece of art. You’d think they’d fight each other, but both prints were strong enough that neither was overwhelmed. Versus the little pantry (above, with the birds), that held tiny, precise illustrations.

Experiment with Scale

Starter Wallpaper Loecke and Nixon did this several times through the house – framed a repeat of wallpaper leaving the match points exposed, almost like an artist signature. Theirs were very nice antique prints in custom frames, but you could do this with a print from your local design store and a frame from Ikea. 

Wallpaper as Art

Visit the Wallcovering Association’s website for more photos, wallpaper tricks and pattern suggestions.


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