Time for Recess


Remember those carefree childhood days spent swinging through an afternoon… no to-dos, no meetings, nothing to rush off to? Just the feeling of the wind in your hair and the air under your feet? There’s no doubt that we all long for those days to return. And thanks to Mikko Kärkkäinen at Tunto Designs, we can at least temporarily pretend we’ve had a time warp. This laminated birch swing (in light blue or red) is built for even the heaviest of adults, and with its simple wood-and-rope construction, it’ll help in reminiscing for more simple times.  (-Allie)

Tunto Keinu Swing, $250 at Rose and Radish.


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One response to “Time for Recess

  1. leiddi

    I want this!!!!! However… I have no tree. I could hang this from my deck. Thank you for taking me back to the simpler life of swinging free!

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