Pretty (non)Plants


[Insert some canned statement about a brown thumb and “no-kill” plants here.] Really, I’ve just long loved these things. They’ve been on the market for a while but I thought now (for some reason) was the time to share them. And if you do have a brown thumb and are on the hunt for hard-to-kill plants, consider these a challenge…. (-Allie)

Set of Three White Porcelain Cactus by Tozai Home, $120.50 (limited stock!) at Bellacor.



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5 responses to “Pretty (non)Plants

  1. moe

    It’s funny that you just put these up, because a while ago I tagged these in my ‘things you’d like’ file:

  2. swatchbook

    ooh! Loves those too! And let me guess, you probably thought I’d want to paint them fuchsia or some other crazy-bright color?…yeah…I probably would.

  3. moe

    yup, exactly what i was envisioning. maybe that should be a new category…

  4. sofiatome

    i need these. LOL. i can’t keep a plant alive for the life of me. i have even let cacti die on my watch. this would definitely solve the problem AND look cute 🙂

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