Flamingo Fabulous


[You know how when you spend a lot of time with someone you eventually start thinking alike, or dressing alike? Well…both things have happened with Moe and me. And this post is a great example of that. I had today’s post all picked out and ready to go long before I spotted her Daily Ob yesterday. I guess great minds do think alike…and apparently they love flamingos…]

In February I bought two pink plastic flamingos to spruce up my tiny Upper East Side backyard. At first, many scoffed at my kitsch decor idea. It’s been a few months, but those retro babies have grown on my initial naysayers. And I have no doubt that these little lovelies by Bailey Doesn’t Bark—white porcelain cups donned with burnt-sienna flamingos and 23k gold detailing—will capture the hearts of those anti-flamingoites in an instant. (-Allie)

Flamingos and Trees cup set, $57 for set of 2 by Bailey Doesn’t Bark.


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