Step on it!


First impressions truly are the most important—so make a statement before guests even make it through the front door. Door mats are a great way to set the tone for a home’s personality, and I’ve force-fed you thirteen stylish options so you have no choice but to throw one down. (-Allie)

[Left to right, from top:] Paris Sewer Cover Rug, $23.99 at Perpetual Kid. Hessum, $3.99 at Ikea. Delightful Doormats, Crown, $34 at Wisteria. Estrella Doormat, $16.95 at Pier 1 Imports. Garden Juniper Doormat, $25.99 on sale at Wrapables. Floral Doormat, $26.99 on sale at Smith & Hawken. Tree Study Doormat, $28 at Anthropologie. Bird on a Branch Coir Doormat, $39 at Smith & Hawken. Peacock Doormat, $14.99 at World Market. Delightful Doormats, Seashells, $34 at Wisteria. Trampa, $12.99 at Ikea. Paisley Doormat, $16.95 at Pier 1 Imports. Bicycle Doormat, 18×30, $28 at Garnet Hill.


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One response to “Step on it!

  1. Alan

    I personally like the throwback mat with the Queen’s Crown. I would not be upset to have that in front of my door.

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