The Polls are Open

Introducing a new segment we’d like to call “Ugly or Awesome?” On our daily home-decor hunts, Moe and I inevitably find things that we love, things that we don’t love and things that, well, we’re really not  sure. So now we’ll leave it up to you to decide—ugly or awesome?

I spotted this planter at a favorite site, Ten Thousand Villages—an organization dedicated to bringing us beautiful fair trade products from all over the world. I’ve been known to find attraction in off-the-beaten-path items, especially those that come in animal shapes. (I already own an elephant teapot, an owl pitcher and a monkey bowl, so perhaps enough is enough?) At 9″ long x 6″ high, this little baby could be a cute home for a no-kill cactus on your living room side table, or it could make a fun accent in a small garden. Perhaps paint it bright glossy yellow for an ultra kitschy pop? Or am I stretching? (-Allie)


Red Elephant Planter, $18 at Ten Thousand Villages.



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2 responses to “The Polls are Open

  1. ammoe

    I love Ten Thousand Villages, too… but I’m going to have to vote Ugly on this one. Sorry!

  2. leiddi

    Not one of my favorite! Love the color.

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