Happy Fourth!

To celebrate today’s holiday, I’ll be lounging by a friend’s pool in the beautiful suburb of Scarsdale, about a half hour outside of Manhattan. The men will be bbqing steaks, and the women will be reading magazines poolside, sipping sangria and margaritas. What’s more American than that? But who wants to get up with every refill and mix a new cocktail? Not this girl. Far too busy with my latest copy of Elle Decor for that nonsense. And that’s why god (or some very ingenious individual) invented beverage dispensers. Mix a batch of your favorite celebratory cocktail and take the saved drink-mixing time to enjoy the people around you. Because that’s what the holidays are all about! In honor of such, here are the Top Ten beverage dispensers out there. Happy Holiday! (-Allie)


[Clockwise from top left] Beverage Dispenser, $149 at Wisteria. Recycled Glass Beverage Dispenser, $24.99 at Target. Hourglass Beverage Jar , $47.96 on sale at Sur la Table. Apothecary Beverage Dispenser, $49.95 at Z Gallerie. Pedestal 2-Gallon Beverage Jar, $49.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond. Roost Marseilles Beverage Dispensers, $170 small, $220 large at Velocity Art & Design. Alpine Stoneware Beverage Dispenser, $59.99 at Amazon.com. 2 Gallon Glazed Ceramic Beverage Dispenser , $59.99 at WowShopper. Italian Rustic Cooler, $79.99 on sale at Chefs. Acrylic Drink Dispenser, $59 and $69 at Pottery Barn.


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