What’s Your StyleScope?


HomeGoods—the ever-stylishly packed home furnishings store—has just taken its attainable fabulosity to the next level with its introduction of StyleScope today. The affordable home furnishings house teamed with Design Extraordinaire Deborah Needleman who created this personalized look into individual style. Simply answer 10 questions and voila, your design style is broken down before your eyes. It’s reminiscient of those personality quizes we’d pour over in the pages of Tiger Beat as a kid—but way more fun. And helpful! You even get tips on how to make it all work. And, let’s face it, even people like Moe and I need help from time to time (shocking, I know). My result (not shocking) was “bohemian classic.” Anyone who knows me knows that nails it on the head—even mentioning my need for a “little touch of quirk.” (helloooo, monkey statue, pink flamingos…need I say more?) Go see for yourself—and let us know your results! Bonus: When you’re done taking the quiz you can enter for a chance to win daily HomeGoods gift certificates and a weekly $5,000 shopping spree drawing. I wonder if they’ll catch on if I re-take the quiz 10 times/day?… (-Allie)



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2 responses to “What’s Your StyleScope?

  1. Aha – a Bohemiam Classic you are…. You love these types of tests don’t you? What was your fragrance personality again (http://www.chesapeakebaycandle.com/fragrance_test.php)? I thought you liked almost everything…
    Anyway, thank you so much for sharing this site, I will definitely check it out!

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