Summer Blues

Okay, this is weird. I’ve been planning a Swatchbook of the Week based on hydrangea blues for weeks – inspired by my friend’s bridesmaid bouquets at her wedding, below. Pretty, no?

Bridesmaid Bouquets

And then I took the HomeGoods style quiz and… got exactly the same colors! Spooky. But how could you not love soothing blues and violets? Blue is such an easy color to live with, and I like how the pinky-purple warms it up. Layered on top of each other, they feel sweet and breezy and welcoming. (-Moe)

Summer Blues

Paint: Twilight Magenta, Clearest Ocean Blue, and Grape Gum, all Benjamin Moore. Sanela pair of curtains in Blue-Green, $70, at Ikea. Stonington Bed, about $1,500, by MasonGray by ducduc (click here for stores). Pillows: Hydrangea Indigo on White Linen and Hydrangea Violet on White Linen from Flora collection, about $195 each, at Dermond Peterson (click here for stores). Bamboo Lacquer Floor Vases in Indigo, $20-25 each, at Z Gallerie. Lattice Rug from Ottoman Collection, about $6,000, from Classic Home (click here for stores).


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