Catch the Bouquet


If you hadn’t noticed, Swatchbook is dedicated to all-things home design. So why is my daily obsession today a dog collar? you may be asking… Well, dogs live in our homes so that sorta counts as a home accessory, right? And with that–dress up your four-legged walking accessories with these adorable flower collars from Mimi Green. The flowers are sold separately from the super stylish, not-your-cookie-cutter dog collars so you can change our the colors to fit fido’s mood. (OK, so it’s a stretch, but I really just love these, so I had to share.) (-Allie)

Collars, $28.95 each, Collar Flowers, $12.95 each


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  1. sofiatome

    OMG!! we need to talk. my mom hand crochets flowers like these for headbands and hairpins that i make. unbelievable!!

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