Work is Fun… Right?

So one of the fun things we get to do is see all the new products  for your home before they get into the stores – sounds exciting, right? It is, until you realize how many companies are out there. We’ve still got a couple days to go through the Gift Show here in New York, but we thought we’d give you a snap of what we’re looking at when we start hunting for the new cool stuff out there…

Gift Show at Jevitz

Yeah. And that’s just one floor! And here we are, loaded with bags of catalogues after the first few hours of perusing. Expect a roundup of our favorite new products once we’ve recovered! (-Moe)

allieatshow moeatshow



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3 responses to “Work is Fun… Right?

  1. leiddi

    Good Morning – I love the models you are using in the “Work is Fun”. It looks like the work is exhausting though.

  2. Love the models – and the stylish accessories (tote bag) one of them is wearing. Where can I get one?

  3. swatchbook

    FYI: That oh-so-stylish totebag Allie is holding is from the ever-fabulous BlissLiving Home. Go there, stat.

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