Back to School…


I admit it: I was one of those students who LOVED tests. (And I not-so-secretly miss them as an adult.) So when I come across an online quiz, I get a little (OK, a lot) excited. So you can imagine my thrill when the fabulous Shelter Pop asked me to design a quiz of my own—on quirky kitchen gadgets nonetheless! Give it a try and see if I can stump you! Comment on the quiz and let me know what you score! On a related note, even more exciting news: Shelter Pop and AOL Home have signed me up as a contributor. So stay tuned for more fun and (hopefully) enlightening content! In the meantime, check out some of my favorite pieces, such as the view of Brooklyn’s $25 million clocktower penthouse or great products for dressing your home for fall. Click around the site for plenty of great reads! (-Allie)


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  1. moe

    I took the quiz! Started strong but I petered out about halfway through. The cookbook page holder really got me.

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