Mother Nature Thanks You


The concept of reusing and recycling was ingrained in my head at a very young age (I’m from Seattle–‘nough said). And now that I live in New York I’m especially tuned in to any products that help reduce the massive (and I mean MASSIVE) piles of garbage that line our streets daily. So it’s no surprise that I’m loving these glass water bottles that playfully riff on those obnoxious plastic versions that fill our landfills. They hold 48 ounces of water so are perfect for serving pieces. Next time you have guests, pour them a fresh glass of water from one of these bottles and show them what a stylish person does to better our environment. (-Allie)

Glass Water Serving Bottle, $31.99 each at Pop Deluxe.



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3 responses to “Mother Nature Thanks You

  1. Diane Larson

    I like… will buy a couple!

  2. Onassis

    As a leader in waste management consulting, I agree with you suggestion.


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