Ikea junkie?

I’ve been an avid Ikea shopper for as long as I’ve had to foot the bill for my monthly  decorating habit (thank you affordable Swedish decor). And this Scandinavian style surplus never ceases to amaze me with their innovative range of fabulous furnishings. (Also, their quality has approved by LEAPS and BOUNDS the last couple years–the flimsy Ikea of the past is no more.) Moe and I attended a press preview of their new items a while back, and some items were held for arrival in stores now. Here are some of my favorites. (-Allie)





From Top: Annamoa fabrics, $7.99/yard!

Gilda rug ($89.99 for 4×6) and pillows ($4 to $14.99)

Skojig Lamps, $14.99 to $24.99

Edland series of furniture, ranging from $79.99 (nightstand) to $399 (wardrobe)


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