Thanksgiving table, Part Deux!

Since you’re all dying of curiosity, I thought I should share my Thanksgiving table, too! This is the first time we’ve broken out all of our fancy wedding china – combined with our West Elm table and Ikea folding chairs, we were definitely rocking the high/low look. Here’s my sister getting ready to light the candles…

Since the plates are aqua and white, I asked my mother (thanks, Mom!) to bring up a crisp white tablecloth and napkins to match them. We served an asparagus amuse bouche for the sole purpose of using the accent plates – because why not wash eight extra dishes just to show them off? When we chose our china, we actually mixed three different patterns – the blue waved-rim style for dinner plates and teacups, the”Trees & People” small plates and plain white gold-rimmed pieces for everything else. 

Our fancy settings are still a work in progress. I’m on the hunt for modern gold-plated cutlery to complement the edging and maybe some orange or green napkins to bring out the pop of color and give it a contemporary twist. You’ll have to back in next year to see how it evolves! (-Moe)


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