Couch Surfing

There are many misconceptions about being a freelancer.  One that I often hear: “So, since you make your own schedule, do you travel a lot?”  The answer my friends, is sadly, no.  Even though I have more time, I feel funny/scared leaving when there could be another assignment!  So, I take joy in lesser alternatives like watching Anthony Bourdain’s travel show “No Reservations” and shopping in the “ethnic” section of the grocery store.  Ahh, life.  Interestingly enough, I found myself transported to many places at the same time at the gift show last week, when I came across an amazing company called Suki Cheema.   I was struck by how a variety of styles came together so seamlessly in their first collection, which is aptly named Rajasthan.  Besides the obvious Indian influence in the designs, I saw hints of nautical style mixed with 1960s mod, and even a bit of Southwest!  Wow!  Who knew that a trip to a booth at Javitz could not only transport me to another country, but also another time? (-Laur)

Available soon.  Stay tuned!

Suki Cheema Pillows


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