Pouf Daddy

When I first saw these knitted lambswool bundles of joy, they transported me back to my great aunt Irene and great uncle Irv’s Lower East Side apartment.  Instead of having kids and living a more conventional life, they were feisty members of the communist party that traveled the world.  Their apartment was artfully cluttered with artifacts from trips, tons of beaded jewelry and layers upon layers of books.  Any one of these colorful poufs would have been at home amongst their eclectic belongings.  I can almost picture one co-starring in a memory, where I’m listening to Aunt Irene tell one of her famous stories (throwing a shoe at her teacher’s head) while staring at tugboats on the East River,  the delicious smell of chicken paprikash in the air.  (-Laur)

Nos Da Poufs [2010], $237-$340, Donna Wilson for SCP @ the Future Perfect


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