So Fresh and So Clean

This Swatchbook of the Week was inspired by a visit to BKLYN Designs, a yearly exhibition of furniture and home-accessories designers, all based in my beloved home borough of Brooklyn.  I was totally inspired by so much of what I saw,  but was blown away by one company in particular.  Grow House Grow specializes in two of my favorite things in this world—hand printed wallpaper, AND storytelling!  Naturalist, their latest collection, focuses on individuals that have contributed to science, and understanding the world around us.  Ms. Ward (the pattern shown here) is based on Mary Ward, who’s love and obsession with the microscope and insects lead her to write a series of books on the subjects.  I love that this wallpaper can not only make a room LOOK unique and interesting, but can inspire a conversation on an extraordinary woman that most people know nothing about.

In most homes, bathrooms are a separate entity, and in a decorating sense, fail to connect to the rest of the house. Don’t be afraid to bring in furniture and accessories meant for other rooms.  Doing so will only make your WC more comfortable and unique.  This bubble-like chandelier is meant for a kitchen, but I say, bring it in.  Why not?!   Mixing things up will only give your bathroom, and your home in general lots of personality.  Kind of like Brooklynites!  (-Laur)

Ms. Ward Wallpaper in Milkweed, $180 per roll, Grow House Grow!

Iron Works Historic Tub, $3134, Kohler

Gooseneck Tub Filler, $231.30, Elizabethan Classics

Firefly Pendant Lamp (2 shown), $199 each, CB2

Turquoise Chair (Comes in set of 2), $250, Etsy

5×7′ Sprayed Lace Rug, $68, Urban Outfitters

Brooklyn’s Finest Screen Print, $27, Ork Posters!

18×24″ Providence Frame in Black, $30.98, All Posters


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