Sitting Pretty

Now, I love going to the ICFF for inspiration, but never really expect to find items that I could actually afford.  This amazing (and amazingly comfortable!) chair was an exception.  Made from durable vinyl cord in a range of fun colors, and crafted using a traditional Mayan hammock weaving technique, the Acapulco chair is a perfect example of how mixing old and new cooks up fantastic, interesting results.  Wouldn’t this look fantastic out on the patio?  And in the living room? And maybe in the bedroom too?  (-Laur)

Acapulco Chair, $490, Innit Designs



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3 responses to “Sitting Pretty

  1. sam

    beautiful chairs
    we are making them by hand now in Brooklyn too

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  3. Thanks for loving our chairs, made in Mexico – the birthplace of the hammock chair where the Mayan hammock weaving technique inspired our line of hot retro modern furniture . We have plenty of other designs created with similar inspiration available for purchase from our website as well . The conch chair is beautiful and super comfortable!

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