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All Striped Up

These classic (but uber-trendy right now) sailor-striped outdoor cushions from Ikea will look great out on the deck for the upcoming July 4th holiday. With the affordable price tag and always-in-style design, these pillows are a sure bet. (-Laur)

HALLO Cushions, $9.99 each, Ikea


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Lite Brite

My obsession with outdoor accessories knows no bounds.  Combined with the still-going-strong Edison bulb trend, these lights are unstoppable!  They’d look great out on the porch in the warm weather, and would be a unique way to add some interesting ambiance to a cool evening, indoor party as well. (-Laur)

Vintage Light String, $124.99, Restoration Hardware

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Surf’s Up

Imagine—a cool breeze, the sound of the ocean, a lovely, serene, cool space.  That is what I’ve had think of, again and again, during this week of oppressive, ridiculous heat!  This Swatchbook of the Week was inspired by what I’ve been imagining while trying to make it though.  How I long for the days of my parents’ house and central air. Or, a breezy spot on the seashore.  Along with the Aculpulco chair, which was featured a few weeks ago, I love this amazing rug from InMod.  The wave motif reminds me of the fantastic graphics in Ponyo, the Japanese animated film that has contributed to more than a few vivid dreams these past few weeks. (-Laur)

Aculpulco Chair in Sky Blue, $490, Innit Designs

Ocean Area Rug, $635, InMod

Fillsta Pendant, $29.99, Ikea

Martini Table, $149, Offi

Colorful Wobble Glass (from set of 4), $40, MoMA

Liberty of London Frame, $9.99, Target

Bellawood Natural Maple Flooring, $5.40 per Square Foot, Lumber Liquidators

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Lazy Daze

It’s sunny here in Seattle (finally). And this daily obsession provides the main ingredient for my ideal sunny-day recipe: hammock + sunny sky + slight breeze + margarita = happy me. All that this fatboy is missing is a cup holder. Perhaps I’ll get to work on the prototype… (-Allie)

Fatboy Headdemock Deluxe, $399,

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Baby Elephants

I guess we must just be having a baby moment here at SB (remember Laur’s post last week?), but I just couldn’t resist showing you these cutie elephant pillows. Aren’t they the sweetest? If you’re on the market for baby gifts, keep clicking through the site until you find the bloomers and sun hats, too.

No, mom, I don’t have anything to report. (-Moe)

Clockwise from top left: Bombay in Blue Paisley, Jaipur, Bombay in Pink Paisley, and Udaipur Elephant Pillows, $52 each,

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Cock-a-doodle DO

I love summer entertaining — so I love bringing in fun dinnerware to bring those meals to the next level. How cute are these chicken plates? (-Allie)

Chicken Dessert Plates (set of 4), $42, Greener Grass Designs

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Tie One On

Okay, fine: These aren’t cheap. They’re not really practical, either, since you’d squash that bow in no time of you leaned against one of these cushions. But aren’t they awesome? It’s like the perfect pair of way-too-expensive shoes you just have to have. (-Moe)

Belted Pillows in Lapis, Fuchsia and Red, $295 each, for stores.

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