Surf’s Up

Imagine—a cool breeze, the sound of the ocean, a lovely, serene, cool space.  That is what I’ve had think of, again and again, during this week of oppressive, ridiculous heat!  This Swatchbook of the Week was inspired by what I’ve been imagining while trying to make it though.  How I long for the days of my parents’ house and central air. Or, a breezy spot on the seashore.  Along with the Aculpulco chair, which was featured a few weeks ago, I love this amazing rug from InMod.  The wave motif reminds me of the fantastic graphics in Ponyo, the Japanese animated film that has contributed to more than a few vivid dreams these past few weeks. (-Laur)

Aculpulco Chair in Sky Blue, $490, Innit Designs

Ocean Area Rug, $635, InMod

Fillsta Pendant, $29.99, Ikea

Martini Table, $149, Offi

Colorful Wobble Glass (from set of 4), $40, MoMA

Liberty of London Frame, $9.99, Target

Bellawood Natural Maple Flooring, $5.40 per Square Foot, Lumber Liquidators


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