Repeated trips to the beach, hawwwt days and nights and a general can’t-ignore-the-weather-no-matter-what type summer was the inspiration for this SBOTW (as the past few have been)!  Instead of designing a room with obvious nautical style, this dining area contains little hints of it, in the cage pendants and the “Salty” print.  Bright colors scream summer though, and so should you—it might be the only way to beat the heat!  (-Laur)

Modern Farm Dining Table, $599, West Elm

Solvar Dining Chairs, $49,99 each, Ikea

Stockholm Figur Rug, $399, Ikea

Frame Lights, from $185, Iacoli & McCallister

Ribba Frame, $24.99, Ikea

“Salty” print by Michelle Vaughan, $200, 20×200

Note the easy shopping!  Ikea continues to be a fantastic source for affordable basic pieces.


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