We’re three magazine editors with—depending on the diagnosing psychologist—a mild-to-severe obsession with all things home design. Our limited budgets are the only barrier to a full-blown compulsion. The prescription? A site that lets us catalog our fixations, in the hopes that we can help the countless others that share this affliction.

picture-9-polaOriginally from Seattle, Allie’s tastes lean casual West-Coast, but you’ll find her eying everything from a Chesterfield sofa to a Saarinen Tulip armchair. She dreams of owning both some day…

If Allie’s a schizophrenic, then Moe’s a commitment-phobe: a lover ofcolor, pattern, and outré objets who paints her walls white and keeps her furnishings neutral. Maybe it’s because this military brat has never slept in the same bedroom for more than three years?

Influenced equally by her bohemian aunt and uncle’s lower east side apartment, and her mom’s modern-eclectic tastes, Laur prefers interiors that contain at least one of the following: wallpaper, an Eames rocker, a Madeline Weinrib rug, or… anything berry colored.


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*View Allie’s design portfolio at http://www.allisonlind.com


8 responses to “About

  1. Lindy

    Love the website , you two!! Congratulations!!!

  2. Wendy

    This is a very informative site. Fun ideas, great price ranges, and good advice. I’m spreading the word!

  3. Ariana

    I love this! I come everyday to see what you ladies have to say! Word has spread all the way Seattle…. (thanks to Linden)

  4. Susie

    LOVE IT Allie! I’ll definately spread the word for those that love shopping and home decor. Congrats!

  5. sofiatome

    awesome awesome blog, you guys. i am adding to my favorites. everyone needs to know about this 😉 congrats!!

  6. Hi Allie,
    Love your blog! I have just added it to our blogroll http://www.chesapeakebaycandle.com/blog2
    Hope to see you soon!
    xx Mareike

  7. dcdesigncoop

    Great Site! Thanks for the links and inspiring collages of schemes! Its on my blogroll list of Inspiring Blogs at http://www.dcdesigncoop.com.


  8. Patricia

    Hi Ayn-Monique –
    What a fun site! You’ve put a lot of work into it and it looks great. I’ll add you to my RSS feed!

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