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A Primer on Paint Tools

Getting ready to repaint a room? Click here for a checklist of the essentials you’ll need before you start your project. (-Moe)


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This rocks.

If your plans this holiday consist of relaxing at home, why not take on a DIY project to liven up your garden just in time for summer? My very crafty mom has completed some easy projects that give the yard a unique personal touch, so I thought I’d share! Living next to a beach makes these rocks and seaglass projects easier to come by, but even if you don’t have a natural supply store in your backyard you can still find some inspiration and get a little hands-on in honor of Memorial Day. (-Allie)


1) DECORATIVE GARDEN STONE. Find a large pile of stones in similar sizes, shapes and colors (along the beach or at your local garden supply center). Lay them in the garden either in a wave pattern around plantings (as in main image above) or use them to fill a vacant dirt area in front of a garden bed (bottom image, left).

2) SEAGLASS BALL. Mom found a used bowling ball at a local thrift shop and put part of her long-acquired seaglass collection to use. Make sure both ball and glass pieces are dry, and attach with ceramic glue or other strong adhesive. Let dry, then place as a decorative accent in a garden, or set in a fountain as Mom did (bottom image, middle left).

3) DECORATIVE BOWL. An ordinary glass serving bowl + colorful seaglass + a dried starfish + water = a unique garden accent in less than five minutes. (bottom image, middle right.)

4) SEAGLASS SIDE TABLE. After Mom enlisted my brother to heave this perfect-sized driftwood piece up from the beach, she created a mosaic pattern on top out of seaglass pieces (attach with wood glue or hot glue gun) then topped it with a glass top from an old bistro table. And because the wood has already been washed out by the sea, this outdoor table is tough enough to take whatever weather Mother Nature throws at it yearround (bottom image, far right).


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