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Cat Flight

If you’ve ever owned a kitty, you know they love to play in bags and boxes. So why not give Fluffy a slightly more stylish spot to wild out? (-Moe)

Airplane Cat Playhouse by Suck UK, $32, GreenerGrassDesign.com.


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Cat’s Meow

One of my favorite discoveries yesterday was this company, These Creatures. They make way cool pet accessories – food bowl stands, leash hooks, cute ornaments – for pets and pet-lovers. They come in lots of nifty designs, but I’m especially liking this squirrel version for my imaginary kitten. (-Moe)

Reverse Squirrel Standing Feeder, $90 for small, These Creatures.

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Kitten Caboodle

ModKat litterbox

I feel like we’ve been paying a lot of attention to cute dog things, and not near enough to cute cat things! So, here you go. The best-looking litterbox you’ll ever see – and maybe the most functional (it’s there in the corner – bet you hardly noticed!). Kitty climbs inside from the top, then hops out over the grate, which catches any litter that might be clinging to her paws. And in five different colors, there’s bound to be one to match your home. (-Moe)

White Litter Box, $180 (includes box, reusable liner and special scoop), at ModKat.

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