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Dinner with Friends

Everyone knows that kiddos are messy at dinnertime and hard to keep in their seats—and I think these placemats could be a solution. Not only do they collect food, but you can draw on them with washable or dry erase markers, too. Click through for the other designs, very cool. (-Moe)

Kat in the City placemat, $18, Modern-Twist.com.


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Cat Flight

If you’ve ever owned a kitty, you know they love to play in bags and boxes. So why not give Fluffy a slightly more stylish spot to wild out? (-Moe)

Airplane Cat Playhouse by Suck UK, $32, GreenerGrassDesign.com.

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Cat’s Meow

One of my favorite discoveries yesterday was this company, These Creatures. They make way cool pet accessories – food bowl stands, leash hooks, cute ornaments – for pets and pet-lovers. They come in lots of nifty designs, but I’m especially liking this squirrel version for my imaginary kitten. (-Moe)

Reverse Squirrel Standing Feeder, $90 for small, These Creatures.

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Hello Kitty

Aunt Sadie's Meow! Candle

I’m trying to post this with just a tinge of irony, because I think this candle is pretty hilarious. Why is the cat so SERIOUS? Maybe he’s wondering what a cat-scented candle would smell like? (-Moe)

Meow! Candle, $16, at Aunt Sadie’s.


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